Since becoming a widow in 2014, I have come to understand the widow's plight.  This sudden change in lifestyle is very distressing and results in many emotional dips.  Loneliness slips in as the widow receives less and less invitations for social interaction.  Life goes on, one's family and friends are busy living their lives, and the widow faces a daunting future. Often she feels rejected or forgotten.

This has led me to reach out to widows in my neighbourhood.  In May 2018, we held our first morning tea.  Seven ladies attended and another 4 plan to join us next month.  What a wonderful time was spent over a cuppa, as we shared our own experiences, encouraged each other and discussed future get-togethers.
We are planning to meet for a social once a month.  Outings for lunch, sight-seeing and so on, will also be planned.  The ladies have also been encouraged to support each other and meet in two and threes so as to get to know each other better and become firm friends.