Kenya my joy

There is something about Kenya that really touches my heart.  This may be due to the connection I have through family who have lived or been born there.   Or that the calling that the Lord placed in my life many years ago is still very alive in my spirit.  Whatever the reason, every time we fly into the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, I am aware that I am there for a reason.

My reaction was purely for 
the benefit of the children!
The Sunday after we arrived, saw us attending a church service at Revival Christian Church, in the outskirts of Nairobi.  What a blessed time we had there.  We were welcomed as guests of honour and treated as such.  Not been someone who enjoys attention on myself,  I am learning to enjoy the blessings church leaders and members wish to bestow on us.  During the service, I noticed a little girl of about 8 years of age, watching me shyly.  After the service she found the courage to approach me and touch my hair.   She called some friends closer and soon they were having much fun messing with my hair.  They were totally surprised when they counted FIVE colours in my hair... black, brown, yellow, white.... and grey!!

Alta and me working in 
extreme temperatures
We then flew to Mombasa where we were involved in the Afmin On10 School.  37 Students graduated at the end of the week.  It is wonderful to see these people succeed and complete the course begun 4 years previously.  Well done to all the graduates...

Mombasa is extremely hot in November and we had to cope with temperatures of 30°C and up to 97% humidity.  Bottled water was the order of the day and we also used up a few packets of hand wipes.

We returned to Nairobi where we were blessed to spend a few days of rest, at the AIM Guest house.  This is a wonderful place for missionaries to stay-over en-route to the mission field or on the way home.  One gets to meet other wonderful servants of the Lord and to hear their stories.  It is inspiring to hear how the Lord has called each one to the different types of ministries He requires of them.