Lake Victoria at sunset
As the plane approached Entebbe International Airport, we flew low over Lake Victoria at sunset.
This is the first time I had had a clear view of the lake, due to cloud cover on my previous trip.
The scene was an amazing example of the creation of our Father.  I have never previously seen such a magnificent shade of orange in a sunset and I was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty.

Uganda has an extra special place in my heart because it was the first East African country that I visited.  Although the weather was rather hot at times, every afternoon ends with an electrical storm which cools everything down.
Stella with Alta and Johan Cronje at Namirembe 
We stayed at Namirembe Guest house which is run by the Missionary Society of the Anglican Church of Uganda.   The accommodation was comfortable and homely  and we will definitely return.  A wonderful thing about staying at a missionary guest house, is the fact that one meets people from around the world.  It is encouraging to hear their stories and what they are doing in the county.  Many are blessed by our work amongst pastors and church leaders and once again I realised the important role that the Lord has called me to.

Our office in the lecture hall
The Afmin School was a great success.  The students are progressing well and 31 are preparing for graduation at the end of 2016.  I had the privilege of meeting one-on-one with each potential graduate, and getting to know them.  Their enthusiasm for their studies is very evident and each one is every appreciative of the knowledge they are gaining.