Family Reunion

There is something very special about arranging a big reunion with cousins, who one has not seen for many, many years.  So many years in fact, that our children are now adults and parents themselves.  

75 people descended on my childhood hometown of Dundee in South Africa for a period of 5 days.  We hired the local junior school hostel as our base.  Many activities were planned, including visiting the local museum, a hike to bushmen’s paintings and a clime but the mountain on the family farm.

Besides keeping an eye on the cricket, we survived without TV, and spent much time out on the rugby field with a ball and also playing other games.  The children all got along famously without any squabbles.  The only tears I saw came from a 2 year old who was over-tired.  Previously unknown relatives made firm connections with cousins, which is bound to produce many contacts for the future.

I can encourage all families to consider holding a family reunion.  Weddings and funerals are not the appropriate places to enjoy the fun and laughter that a reunion provides.