Things happen….

While in Namibia recently, a would-be thief decided that my sunglasses case in my car, may contain something of value.  So, in an attempt to reach it, the back passenger window was broken.  Fortunately, the car alarm frightened him off.  However, I had to spend the good part of an hour at the police station making a statement.  The staff at the police station were very helpful and the Detective gave me some sound advice for future reference.  We had to travel back to South Africa, with the broken glass patched, so as to have it repaired through the insurance. 

We also picked up a stone in a brand new tyre!  Johan de Klerk at Arbeid farm, managed to patch it sufficiently to get us home.  However, although it has been fixed suitably to use as a spare, I had to buy another new one.

It is good to know that our Heavenly Father is in control and took care of us on the road.