New Year 2017

Here in Cape Town, we have entered the New Year with strict water restrictions due to the ongoing drought.  Our supply dams are at less than 30% capacity, which a very serious situation.  Please pray for rain.

It is all systems go for 2017 and the mission work I am involved in.  AFMIN has undergone some changes, which includes a name change.  Now known as EMIT based on the fragrance of the Lord that we emit.
Although I shall continue doing volunteer clerical work for my project leader, I possibly will not be travelling to East Africa as much as in the past, due to various restraints.  These include health issues and also financial challenges.  Not only do I need to provide my own travel expenses, but I also need to provide for myself on a day-to-day basis, both in the field and here at home.  Past support is greatly appreciated.  However, due to the economic situation in our country, sponsorships are not easy to obtain, and therefore I need to look at other forms of income. 

Recently, I was reading about Daniel  (in chapter 10).  Daniel had had a bad dream and was very perturbed by it.  For 21 days he fasted and prayed. Then the angel of the Lord came to him and said that the Prince of Persia  (an evil spirit) had delayed him….  I could relate to this as although I pray earnestly, I do not receive the answer I need.

Family news:
Baby Eva Rose joined our family in August last year.  I lovely little girl, who is very people conscious and smiles a lot.  She is all eyes for big brother Cullen.  I am blessed with these 2 little people in my life.

My daughter, Roelene is leaving the nest.  She has been offered a teaching post in the Far East and leaves in a few weeks.  This is quite an adventure and I send her with my blessing.  I am looking forward to following her adventure via photos and social media.
Thank you for your prayers and support.  May the Lord bless you all.