Preparing for Graduation

Suddenly, we find ourselves in the 2nd half of 2016.  But it is not time to start winding down to the end of the year.  Quite the opposite.  Here at AFMIN, we are busy with Schools in all the countries and the highlight of the year – the graduation ceremony.  Students who have successfully completed there 4 years of studies, covering 37 subjects and  trained up at least 10 other church leaders qualify for graduation.  It is a time of pomp and ceremony.  Family and friends gather and the students, dressed in their graduation attire, enter the auditorium.  Each graduate is presented with his diploma, together with certificates for the 10 people he/she has trained during the 4 years. 

With these ceremonies in mind, there is a vast amount of admin work required.  Through the 4 years, the students’ progress is individually monitored, checked and audited.  Correct spelling of names for diplomas and certificates is crucial.  Once this information is finalized, the information is sent to head office for checking and printing of diplomas and certificates.

I am directly involved in the monitoring of Students’ progress.  Data capturing and producing updated reports is essential, albeit time consuming.   Currently, we are preparing for 3 graduations in our geographic areas of ministry, namely Uganda (September), Namibia (October) and Kenya (November).